What is the best sport in the world?

@bugbaby (1787)
September 22, 2008 9:15pm CST
You are all going along with the same sport Soccer.Although I agree soccer is a good sport it is not the best.GOLF is the best because it is 1.the most skillful,creative and fun sport. 2.Requires concentration,discipline will,strength of character. 3.It is the most exciting sport to play and watch,just look at the U.S OPEN FOR Gods sake!! Where as in soccer you see these overpaid wimps cheating on the pitch and they don't have the discipline either.None can disagree with that
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• India
23 Sep 08
I like Cricket very much and soccer too but i cannot not the name of players in soccer but i know some names in cricket players.
@bugbaby (1787)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 08
i don't like cricket, just soccer and sometimes play the games with my friends
@lorry86 (77)
• China
1 Nov 08
I love soccer! Golf is a sport for the noble and the rich,it's so expensive.0rdinary people haven't the chance to play it.but soccer is different.everyone can play it anytime if there is a ground .you even can play it in the reverse! so many people enjoy it and play it.it is suitable for anyone who want to strong himself!