independant sales reps for discount master card & vacation club

September 22, 2008 10:58pm CST
One World United is creating the largest most respected buying roup in the world saving our members thousands of dollars on their day to day purchases. One World United is currently securing companies across North America that offering exclusive discounts and savings of 5%-60% off to our membership base only. Our members WILL save money on expenses they are already purchasing; such as gas, groceries, dry cleaning, restaurants, clothing, entertainment,vacations, and many other purchases. One World United is NOT a coupon company, NOT a rewards/loyalty program and definitely NOT a rebate program. We SAVE you CASH a the point of sale on a daily basis. Maste Card/Debit Card-Guaranteed Approval. Rewards Program--Over 700 Corporate Stores to choose from including Walmart, Applebees, Best Buy, Sony, Sears, Block Buster Video, Budget Car Rentals, and MORE.......Recognized and Accepted Worldwide. Show the card get the DEAL it's that simple. Unlike coupon books or discount programs of the past, our PrePaid Master Card/Debit Discount Card is accepted worldwide. Each card holder receives Point of Sale Savings at participating Merchants,continually. *Present the World card and receive instant savings from our participating Merchants. *Use the World Card to make all your day to day purchases through it's debit technology. Instant Approval!!!No Credit Checks Required!!! No upfront deposit required like other cards that want you to put a deposit of $250 to $500 on their cards before you can even use it. All you pay is an annualy renewal fee of $125 & then you can load whatever amount you want on the card Non-secured. You receive immediate discounts of 5%-60% off retail immediately!!! We also give you a POINTS Program. Some other cards offer points and sometimes you never get the points rewarded because of something you did not qualify for!!! You Receive Discounts Immediately and POINTS!!! Platinum Promotion will qualify you for Profit Sharing through One World United. JOIN TODAY!!! NEW VACATION CLUB!!! You can make money by Building Your Business World Wide with our Travel Club Business as Well!!!Mission Statement: What We Are All About! Wouldn't it be Great to have a friend wherever you purchase a product or service just to get a good deal? Now You Can!!! One World United Inc. wants to ensure you never pay retail prices again...on anything!!! Our Goal is to build the Largest Buying Group in the World. Can you imagine yeilding the buying power of Walmart or Costco? They dictate the prices they pay and that's what we want to do. With a World Card You can save money and make money as well. We are strategically setting up companies world wide to work with our World Card. This is not a rewards card where you need to spend thousands to receive points or a "free" gift. The savings with the World Card are at the Point of Sale. Immediately. No rebate cheque, no hassle. If interested call me today or email me: (905) 964-4125 Mark Loder Founder One World United Inc. Discount Master Card & Vacation Club International. President Incredible Cash International.
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