Payment dates

South Africa
September 23, 2008 1:24am CST
Hi You Lot I do not know if you search forums and see all the moans about payment dates? Well I have just requested payment from wepaybux and I looked up the FAQ and it staes that standard members will be paid in "45 non-business days" does that mean 2 days every week? payment in 23 weeks time? even better is Earn 3 .com I am ion a queue with 1322 members before me and as they pay 5 members a day that works out at 264 days or 37 weeks. I could have a baby in that time. (if I was a female) Any other weird payout dates? I would love to hear about them Jim
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@mysdianait (65104)
• Italy
23 Sep 08
Eheh if Saturday is a business day that only leaves one day a week so that would be the same length of time that takes to pay - but at least WePayBux is being honest in saying do!