How much do you actually get per post?

November 6, 2006 8:06am CST
How many dollars/cents/etc do you actually get per post you post in?
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@firelight (1858)
• Australia
8 Nov 06
It varies depending on the post. They earn more if they are longer, also adding pictures helps ALOT! Receiving best responses, and plus ratings also boosts your earnings. The amount of people that reply to your topic affects it as well. My first day here I only earned 3c for 20 posts (ouch) then another day almost $2 for 50 posts (couldn't sleep lol)
@juicemilk (2284)
• Australia
7 Nov 06
it varies, there is no set value, they say they change the algorithm each day. Sometimes it's around 1c, sometimes a little more. I think it also depends on the kind of posts, i.e one word posts won't be worth much if anything at all.
@rk19bh (508)
• India
6 Nov 06
I think I get 1 cent for each post and 7 cents for each photo, which I have uploaded.
@themyl (1423)
• United States
6 Nov 06
I guess it all depends on the number of responses you get on each post. Hope this helps.
@ability (692)
• China
6 Nov 06
About 0.01$ for every post.