is anyone here fond of origami?

September 23, 2008 12:11pm CST
origami is the art of folding papers it's fun to do. i suggest that you try it out.
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• United States
9 Oct 08
I used to be really involved in origami back in middle school but I don't do it much anymore. I could probably readily make about.. 12-14 different things off of the top of my head but I really enjoy making more of the advanced shapes/designs out of books I can grab from the local library lol. "Having fun, isn't hard, when you have a library card" - Name that quote! lol! Origami Rocks ^_^
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• United Kingdom
23 Sep 08
The closest that I have ever got to practising origami is creating a paper aeroplane, I used to love these! I don't know how to make any other shapes though. I have always been curious about some of the weird and wacky things that you can make using origami. Do you practise it a lot yourself then? What shapes do you make? Andrew
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@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
23 Sep 08
I like origami, especially to make animals. Very interesting! But there's still some things which I can't do.
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@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
23 Sep 08
Yes I love origami :D It is so fun to do.. Like you said ^^ Have a nice day..
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@gloamglozer (1285)
• Australia
22 Sep 09
I like doing origami, I've first done it as a little boy and just folding a paper boat. Now, I can do a lot more models and my favourite area of origami is modular origami. It is where you make lots of small units and then join them together to make something. It's amazing since you don't even need glue to join them together. I watched a video once of a guy that made a program that you can make basically anything you want with it but I haven't been able to figure out how that works yet.
• United States
29 Dec 08
I like making Origami stuff. People get amazed of what you can do with paper. It's pretty cool. It has been more than a year since I have been very interested in this kind of art. It gives me something to do while I wait for the bus or at times when I get bored. Very Creative. all you need in is/are paper and you can make it look awesome. I have done roses, modulars, and animal origami. Really awesome.
• United States
10 Dec 08
I like origami. It gives me something to do when my internet is down which it is a lot. I like looking for geometric and 3D things; they are pleasing to the eye which is why i love folding them ;)
• United States
11 Oct 08
I have never tried that. That sound interesting and something that I would like to learn. I could teach this art to my grandaughter.