how funny is law sometimes

September 23, 2008 12:22pm CST
I just came through this news that "Ex-ballplayer awaits verdict in killing of cat" in US. link here I feel very funny how law sometimes is so partial only to certain animals and not for many many animals. Why the law doesn't care for thousands of chickens,goats,sheeps,pigs,cows etc killed everyday to fill our stomachs.Are they not animals? The news says that Petcka is charged in Manhattan's state Supreme Court with aggravated animal CRUELTY and HARRASMENT. He could face two years in prison if convicted?? I feel this really ridiculous judgement. Iam not a resident of US and I dont know what US law says but when you care for animals justice,why care only for dogs,cats that you put as pets, why not other animals that you eat?? Eating animals like this is not more cruel than killing the cat by the ex-ballplayer unintentionally as he claims for defence??
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