Goldclick is back finally!

@Emiese (994)
September 23, 2008 1:18pm CST
I had my hopes up on Goldclick when they started. I liked the layout, the site was different than the many sites that showed up which were same, same. Goldclick has now been down for a while, reportedly because of DDOS attacks, but they have had a message about when they were coming back! And here they are! I am not far from a payout, and there are heaps of ads, so I will keep clicking! I still believe in the site, they have only been down once, and if nothing else happens I think they are probably a good site! What do you think about Goldclick, still worth clicking after the downtime, or are you afraid that it is a scam, like so many others? Does it only take one time of being down for you to give up on a site, or do you stick with it until it is a proven scam?
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