An Appeal

@mookhor (304)
September 23, 2008 11:29pm CST
I am not a regular writer of stories. I write poems almost regularly and what ever I write I write in my vernacular, that is, in Bengali. Still I have written a few short stories and I do hesitate to plant them here as the space here seems to be insufficient and again I wonder if my friends and other Mylot users will like it easily or not. This submission is for that only. Nothing special. I want to understand what decision I must take on the reciprocation of the users of Mylot. Thank you all.
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@paid2write (5202)
24 Sep 08
Short stories and poems would not be right for myLot, because they are not proper discussions. There would be no ongoing discussion of the topic other than praise for the writing. Your stories would be removed because they go against the guidelines, and you are only allowed to post in English at myLot. A better way would be to start a free blog and then you can post your stories and poetry in your own language if you want. You can mention you blog in some of your posts at myLot and have it linked to your profile, so other members can visit and read your work.
@angelia286 (2029)
• Singapore
24 Sep 08
Why worry unneccessarily? Live dangerously! And success will be yours! Lol, if fear of us not liking your poems and stories is preventing you from posting here, you will be forever questioning yourself, and regretting not doing so! So why not post it up and see what we think of it first? The internet is a place for sharing, and sharing in the joy of our friends in this community do share in all our joys and woe. So, don't worry too much! Life's about sharing, and the community here loves to share! Share!