Do you miss your sister?

September 24, 2008 12:23am CST
I and my sister have our own family now and we both have kids and work. We did not see each other as often as before when we were still single. I do admit I missed her and think about the things we did in the past when we were still single. Things are different now I suppose because I dont want to talk about anything personal to her anymore because I know she talks about it with his husband and vice-versa. I guess sisterhood is different when you have your own family. what about you do you miss your sister?
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@jackiew (915)
• Canada
29 Sep 08
please believe me when i say "take the time to spend with each other"-does she live near by? my sister passed away about 4 years ago now and it is the sadest thing-i only had the one sister and i miss her dearly-you and your sister can still share personal talks together-i bet you or her don't realize how much you can still talk about. your sister is probably feeling the same way as should break the gab and just give your sister a call-even plan a lunch date together for the two of you-it will be something you will never regret!
@PRIYANK1992 (1678)
• India
27 Sep 08
Yeah I miss my sister much because I am not living with her.She is living far away from me.
@dolcias (302)
• Egypt
25 Sep 08
i totally know what you mean,i think i would miss my only sister too when we both have our own families one far we both are still single living with our parents
@toni1972 (15)
• United States
25 Sep 08
My sister and I are very close and always have been. We are both married and have kids of our own now. We moved out of state 13 years ago together and lived in Tennessee with our families close together. Then I just moved across contry with my family this summer and I miss her a lot. The kids really miss their cousins too. They were very close too. So, now I am not sure how often I will see her and her family. I hope more that just once a year. We still talk all the time and email often too. I am finding out that it is hard to be away from her and the family. And I know in time it will just get harder. I miss her!
• United States
24 Sep 08
Hi Fabulouza, I seen your topic,I have 2 sisters one very close by and the other is many miles away.I miss her more than words can say,we only see each other once a year if we are lucky enough.We all have our own families and it is sooooo difficult not having my syblings close by I consider myself lucky to have them,when we were kids it was not that great,but you learn that what you do have you should be thankful for.I wish we could live within driving miles from one another but we don't:(I cry over her quit often,noone knows that but me I do not really like people seeing me cry,lol.I can't wait until I see her and her beautiful family again,although I do not think that will be anytime this year,so I keep my prayers with the good lord and hopefully we some day live closer to one another!~Samantha