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@ik4man (628)
September 24, 2008 3:30am CST
Usually members here ask to accept their friend request if they want some info from a posting. But in some circumstances,I always accept friends' request without knowing the reason why they asked for it. Hoping,they will send me PM after that but nothing happen!.What you suggest the reasons for it? Thanks for answering me.
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• Sri Lanka
24 Sep 08
myLot is all about discussing. The friends you accept are not really known to you. When I read if I think that member is good to be a friend of mine, I add and when I get accepted I do not expect anything special from that member nor do I send a special message unless I have a real reason. Because I know that I will be getting the opportunity to know the discussions started by that friend. Then it's all about discussing and responding.
@ik4man (628)
• Malaysia
24 Sep 08
If with me...when i find something that catch my interest and want some more info,i asked them to accept me as friend then if accepted i PM for that info. So right now,i don't mind accepting anybody friends' request hoping i will receive some info or some question that arising from a discussion i started or respond. Thanks
• China
24 Sep 08
Well, if you have the chance to see my record. i have denied one of the friends request because he told me to make friends is an important part of making money in mylot. I don't add friends randomly and i dont accept friends requests from anyone. I, also need a reason. So, have a nice day!