life without a telephone..??

September 24, 2008 7:30am CST
guys can you imagine how life would be without a telephone....?
4 responses
@magna86 (1787)
• India
25 Sep 08
i cant even imagine a life without a telephone.. be it a cell phone or a land line phone.. if the either ones are not there.. then life would be miserable. then again we have to start writing letters, and then we have wait for the reply.. have a nice day
@corngrass (727)
• Malaysia
25 Sep 08
HELP!It's end of the world I can' live without my phone. I'm almost 'stick' to my phone. I have my cellphone around me all the time. These are all because I'm having a long distance relationship and cellphone is the only thing for us to communicate with.
@donburi (316)
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
I believe life without a telephone would be really hard. People faraway who would like to communicate might have to resort to mailing and as a result they receive their mail a few days after and would then delay the message. I think life without telephones is really hard so I am really grateful for the invention of the telephone.
@oo7josh (16)
• India
24 Sep 08
boy life without a telephone would be hard... seeing as i can never let go of my cell phone...We would probably still be living in the times like late 1800s where everyone knew their neighbors....