what food you like while you are in fever?

@srikool (936)
September 24, 2008 9:11am CST
hi frenzz..now im suffered by fever..i hate all the food..i didnt eat anything from the morning itself..i wish to take only milk..what about you..just im eager to know this..can you share it with me?
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@chennai_b02 (1735)
• India
24 Sep 08
You can eat a small quantity of the Bread added with milk, and you can eat the item which is called in the tamil word as "Kanji" which will be preparred by the "Boiled rice" You take some quantity of the "Boiled Rice" and dried without any oil, and you put the same into the mixy, and dried it half or quater sizes of the regular rice.. then you can add some water with the said dried rice, and make it boiled, for 5 to 10 minutes... then you can add some milk and sugar, you can drink the same.. this will give you some energy also, since you are not taken any food during your fever period, this food will give you some energy.. So, even if you dont like you try to drink a couple of cups of this "Kanji" once in 4 hours which will give you more energy, and it helps you to digest your tables and make you feel free.. Try it, all the very best.
@nlcapricorn (1114)
• Philippines
24 Sep 08
If i had a fever, i want a food that has a soup or soup of chicken or beef..for me to sweat a lot and that my fever will gone or i will have hot soup and put it under me and then i have blanket all over me with the bowl of soup..by that you will sweat a lot and then after you will gonna eat and then i swear your fever will be gone totallly.