Do you keep a fast once ina while??

September 24, 2008 9:52am CST
Do you keep a fast once in a while? As for me, I am very fond of eating. I have never fasted in my life except once when my daughter was getting married. It is a cuswtome in ou region that the parents must fast till the time the daughter is married off. My daughter's marriage finished at 6 AM. Hindu marriages generally take place in thr night. That was the only time I had to fast for over 24 hours. I kept having fluids but no solids. I realised I was strong enough to withstand the rigours of fasting.
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@rup011 (726)
• Germany
25 Sep 08
Yes I fast two times a month. Its for religious purpose. Yah I know in hindu marriages, father has to fast. In some cultures both the bride and groom have to fast too during marriage. Fasting is good if properly done. It gives rest to the digestive system and helps cleanse the body. But only if done in a sytematic way.
@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
24 Sep 08
I don't do it :D I don't know why I should do it.. Maybe if someone gave me a good reason then I will try it.. Have a nice day..
• Canada
24 Sep 08
I have never fasted and never will! I cant go more then 4 hours without having some sort of food in my body. I'm hypoglosimic and I get dizzy, irritable and sick when I don't eat frequently. Even though my religion doesn't ask us to fast, I always wanted to try the 24 hr famin to raise money for 3rd world countries but unfortunately my body won't let me. The closest thing to fasting that our religion asks for is during lent when we are asked to give up SOMETHING that we love. I used to give up candy for 40 days!