Do you live to eat or eat to live?

September 24, 2008 9:59am CST
Do you eat to live or live to eat? I for one am very fond of eating. I cannot stay without eating. I literally live to eat. Whenever there is a party, my wife does not eat anything and then comes home and is hungry. i love etingin parties, as you get delicious dishes. I like to do justice to the food and never hold myself back when there is good food in front of me. To keep myself in shape, i believe that I must do a lot of exercise too along with good eating.
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@Wordplay (239)
• Canada
24 Sep 08
I would say a little of column A and a little of column B. Of course we need to eat to survive--that goes without saying. And life would be very boring if we didn't enjoy the food we eat. But that doesn't mean that every meal can be turned into a gourmet experience. And there is a difference between being a gourmand and a glutton. Eating is a very social activity. How many times do we meet friends for lunch or have dinner parties? The act of having dinner together is what bonds us with friends and family. And of course food is associated with certain events so closely that you can't imagine one without the other. A baseball game with no hot dogs? Movies with no popcorn? A carnival without cotton candy? We don't need these foods to survive, but life would be awfully dull without them. And of course for the true conoisseur of food there is nothing better than sitting down to a carefully-prepared 5-course dinner in a fine restaurant. But then, the elegant surroundings and the service from the waitstaff is just as important as the food itself. I do enjoy eating and consider myself a food lover. But, like everyone else, I have days when I look in the fridge and think, "What can I make that's fast to cook?" Not every meal is an event, but at the same time not it's not about stuffing my face either. It's a matter of achieving a healthy balance.
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@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
24 Sep 08
Hello,Mercuryman! There are two types of men you will see in this world.The first type eat to live and second category live to eat.The people of first category just eat good foods to live healthy but others live to eat good foods and actually lot of so called good foods they eat and suffer from various lifestyle diseases like obesity,blood pressure and it is good to eat what is required to live a good health.thanx.
@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
24 Sep 08
I think both for me :D I love to eat ^^ But I also need to eat to stay alive :D Have a nice day..
@amlegend (945)
• Pakistan
24 Sep 08
with friends its other thing at that moment who knows what goes down the throat but apart for that i eat to live. excess of anything is bad and we should keep a balance in our diet. thanks for sharing.happy mylotting