Do People respond your Every Discussion OR Unresponded

September 24, 2008 10:12am CST
I invite all the members at my lot to discuss, do our each discussion get responded by the members. Yesterday I reviewed my Discussions which I have posted and found that some of the discussion I had raised are still zero response. Can we again post those discussions at my lot by copy and past method or not. Any body know please let other members know if we can copy our old discussion and post again for comments by the members. What about members, do you have some discussions to your credit which has zero response. If so how you feel about these discussions. I feel some thing sick when I see my discussion with zero response. It do not hurt you/ Please share your opinion why people do not respond to the discussions.
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@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
24 Sep 08
I do have a few threads with no responses. Up to my knowledge you cannot repost a discussion that you have already submitted. That's why I think the delete option is best in such cases. If there was the delete option, I would delete the thread and post it in different wording.
@carolscash (9497)
• United States
24 Sep 08
I have a couple of discussions that also don't have responses to them and it doesn't bother me. I figure that it is just a subject that no one knows about. I always try to keep up with my unresolved discussions and I don't know if you are able to copy and paste them or not as you would be doing the same discussion twice.
@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
24 Sep 08
I sometimes get no responses.. Well for a while.. But after a while, the responses seem to start :D Every discussion I have created has responses.. I think.. Have a nice day..
@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
24 Sep 08
[i]HI sweet, I have a lot of friends here and I am very active in their post everyday so, it helps me not to have responses every time I will post...I haven't experienced posting with 0 responses! I am not sure about copying and pasting but I remember a friend of mine here mentioned that after a month, she posted the topic again and by that time, she got a lot of responses! In your case, I will try to help you and visit your profile and look for that post![/i]
@amlegend (945)
• Pakistan
24 Sep 08
no it doesn't happen to me just one discussion of this topic i think falls in this category. maybe it was not that good or something else. will improve on it and its more about sharing and we get a lot of information as well from these. so happy mylotting and thanks for sharing