do you americans feel coming out of this financial crisis?

September 24, 2008 10:42am CST
Hi, There is news on daily basis on financial turmoil from the US.Day after day the problems gets larger.Fed seems to be pumping billions of $s.Still no relief.It started with 59 billions now they say latest 700 billions will also not be enough.I really do not understand why some companies like Lehman allowed to fail,and many others like Morgan being supported .I really feel that the corruption is at the highest level,where some are favored when others being allowed to die.Is GS a class apart from others.Its shares being hunted by even Buffet.I also read a news Arnlod's plea for a fewer billion $ bailout not being heard at all.Why this discrimination within US.How the Americans are able to digest this.Where the money has gone.Why this sudden uncontrollable crises. Why people behind this mess not booked.Is there a system failure?Will this type of capitalism be a failure ?.People like me all over the world are watching in anticipation that US will set a right example while dealing their financial crisis.Do you people feel the same way.
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@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
24 Sep 08
I think the US will get out of the crisis.. It might take a while.. But they will get over it some day.. Have a nice day..