do you have a life partner

September 24, 2008 5:20pm CST
some people they wont' live without partner and i too have partner if we don't have a partner they we have to diffficult to live in a world with single y;aar what about ur self
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@indahfth (11170)
• Indonesia
27 Jan 11
Before I have a partner, I really wanted to have a partner. I imagine, my life would be happy if have a partner. And I always wanted to have a partner who always cared for me. After I have a partner and get married, all of which I imagine not happening. Precisely the opposite of what I imagined. At the beginning it was very beautiful, but as time passes, everything changed. And I want to own.
• Philippines
18 Nov 08
i think people can also live independently but you will always feel incomplete. because no one takes care of you, hugs and kisses you. it is always wonderful to have that special someone. but if you can live by your own then why bother looking or worrying? if you know you're happy then i think that's pretty great :)
@sharra1 (6341)
• Australia
1 Oct 08
Yes I do. We have been together 4 years now and I love him very much. I have spent most of my life with family or alone and I am much happier living with a partner I love very much. I much prefer having a partner to being single which I think can be very lonely.
@snpyvin (1518)
• Malaysia
25 Sep 08
Ya my life partner would be my current girlfriend. I love her to bits and she love me too. Hope that we will be together forever.
@mapi26 (549)
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
my life partner found me 2 years ago and we're still together & going stronger. :) happy mylotting!