Are your children vacanited for measels. They are back

@heaven11 (1159)
United States
September 24, 2008 10:43pm CST
Measels are on the rise once again. Health authorities are urging parents to make sure children are vacanited. the main cause is tourist bring it from other countries . Measels were very commomn prior to the 1960 in 1966 there was a vacine created . Measels is a highly infections diease . people who havent been immuned can catch them easily it can cause death,brain damage some parents have not allowed thier children to get them or have forgotten but they need to be vacanited it is a deadly diease, Some parents have not had thier children vacinated because they think the vacine can cause the child to be autistic sciencetisit have shown no link between the vacine and autisim so are your children vacanited Im pretty sure mine are because i believe in the us it is a requriement but i will still call my childrens doctor to be postive this is not a risk i want to take
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