Japan Sun Oil Company has a job vacancy ???

September 24, 2008 11:18pm CST
It says that Japan Sun Oil Company has a job vacancy. I just received this email and they are asking to contact them for me to be hired. Would you believed it??? How do you think they get my email address for them to offer me a job??? Trusty Kojimachi Bldg. 3-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. 102-0083 Japan Dear sir/madam. I am pleased to inform you that Japan Sun Oil Company has a job vacancy for a company representative officer in your country. Japan Sun Oil Company Ltd, is a subsidiary of the world renown U.S. multi-energy producer Sunoco Inc. in Japan and Asian regions and are producing and marketing not only high quality specialty lubricants but also petroleum and energy products. You do not have to leave your present job for this one because this job offer will be on a part time basis and remuneration is on a percentage basis of 10% of the total amount you receive from my customers at any time on my behalf. Now I already have customers who are ready to remit payments to me. Please to facilitate the conclusion of this transaction if accepted, do send me promptly your Resume details via: sunoco_sales_department@live.com OR through fax number: 81-344966093. We would be glad to have you as one of our esteemed Representative in your location and be rest assured that adequate pecuniary and lucrative compensations will be given and other benefits follows. Upon appointment, you are allowed the opportunity of determining the method or mode through which you would be paid for your services as our Representative in your country. Regards, Lan Tao SALES RELATIONS OFFICER. EMAIL:sunoco_sales_department@live SUNOCO INC Tel: 81-344966093
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