illegal trades

September 25, 2008 12:13am CST
After spending most part of my life chasing $$$, i realised that legal businesses and trades do not really pay. If you are looking at fast cash or get rich instantly, the best way is to take part in illegal businesses. Risk 1-2 year of your life and if you are successful, you would had made enough to last you the life time without worries. Illegal trades/vices also differ in their payouts with the most lucrative in drugs, illegal moneylenders and gambling, i presume. Other lesser vices would be prositution. Anyone has opinions to share or ever think of doing these businessess?
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@CAdreamer (118)
• United States
25 Sep 08
Just because legal businesses do not make you money quickly or in great enough quantities to satisfy your greedy nature does not mean that illegal business transactions are the way to go. There are other ways you can increase your income, either through supplementing with a second job, searching for a higher paying job, or even going back to school to earn a higher degree. Any of these three possibilities would increase your income. Not everyone is meant to make millions of dollars. However, if it is your desire to make millions then your best route would be to advance your learning and knowledge to such a level that you can implement a plan which would gain you that income without having to resort to illegal actions. If you are not willing to try these suggestions or if you have exhausted these avenues of possibility then perhaps you should really come to the realization that you are not meant to reach the higher echelons which you so desire or you do not have the drive to succeed that far. This does not mean you should consider or even sanction illegal trades in order to achieve these goals. If you would consider such a low-handed step then you should be able to succeed without resorting to this tactic. Your desire to advance your income shows that you have the will and urge to better your life, but you should always do so legally. Those who step over the line between legal and illegal have sold their morals and their truest selves for a quick, easy, and painless way to achieve what can be done with enough hard, honest work if they were to commit themselves wholeheartedly to the task.
• China
25 Sep 08
Hi, i agreed with what you say but let face it. in the world nowadays, academic qualifications only provide you the means by itself but it will not give you riches. What i am trying to say that it is a very fine line between right and wrong. Of course, then the decision to do it or not will depends on many factors, eg. pressure, greed, desperateness, morality etc. You mentioned that any of the possibilities would increase one income. I agreed. but the next question would be, by how much and how much would be enough. It debatable and differs between people. Increasing by 1k may be enough for you but not for another. ALso, do not think that those who are involves in illegal trades are low scums with no educations. They are probably as smart as you and me and would qualify for top universities. I had friends who indulge in illegal trades to give them a headstart in life. They quit after 1-2 years and the earnings do wonders to their career and life now. It is very tempting. If one does not have a strong will, he or she is likely to be tempt. I am one of those. I received a good education, work in legal firms and companies but in the end, it gets pretty demoralising when u think of these people who may or may not work as hard but they got the good things in life....really life is unfair and it sucks. But life must go on...I am one who wil not turn to illegal trades but i would like to hear views from others. while one maintain his righteousness now, it may not be so in future or when face with such a situation.