Who created the first artificial heart?

@smallT (376)
United States
September 25, 2008 2:07am CST
I am posting this discussion again, because after reading the first one, I realize I may offend someone. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I was being sarcastic. I should have written, "The real question is, can an artificial heart respond like the original? Does it respond better? Can it connect with the thoughts in a person's mind, like the real one can?" Please forgive me if I offended anyone. Anyway here is the link again: http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1P1-3594069.html
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@mentalward (14691)
• United States
25 Sep 08
I'm still not quite sure I understand your question. If you are referring to what we call "the heart" of a person, a.k.a. their soul, an artificial heart is no different than a real one, except that in the case of a person needing one, they are much healthier. When we refer to the heart of a person, it is not actually that organ that pumps blood. I have no idea where that originated from. A person's 'heart', or soul, comes from their mind... the way they think, the way they were raised. Their body reacts to things the way the brain tells them to. If the brain feels danger, it will speed up the heart. If the brain feels love or relaxing thoughts, it will calm the heart down. It doesn't matter whether or not the heart is real or artificial. If the artificial heart is working properly, it will respond to each situation just as a real, healthy organ would. Wasn't it Dr. Jarvis who created the first artificial heart? I'm not sure of his first name, but I've seen him on TV commercials.