Husbands and wifes working

@mookhor (304)
September 25, 2008 3:19am CST
We have been of late changed to a pattern of the society where wives are also office or factory-goers like their husbands. Sometimes back they were simply house-wives and their profession of home making was really unpaid one and they used to maintain a humble profile generally although the magnitude of their job in sum total should have yield a wage at least not less than that their husbands pay-package. And there was no instrument to establish that undeniable claim. Husbands were, usually, loving and considerate. Still that the status of the wives were not valued properly could be realized by the fact that the husbands were very much reluctant to engage themselves in he household jobs, specially in caring the children. Will you please tell me, under the change and rapidly changing state, if the husbands are ready now to share the jobs of the family like their wives and if they are in it without any kind of grumblings ?
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@jackgym (276)
• Australia
25 Sep 08
When I had a JOB (just over broke) and was away 11 hours a day from home my wife did most of the household chores. But now I work at home I help out a bit more with everything.
@sid556 (30989)
• United States
25 Sep 08
IN the states this sort of change began taking place in the early 70's, maybe before with the women's movement. Many women were not content being housewives and especially once children were in school. My mom was a housewife and I knew at a young age that I would not be happy in that role. I got first married in 1974 and at that time, many of my peers were of that same mindset. Divorce waS becoming more common and it just was not practical for women to trust & rely on a man for their survival. It gradually became more and more common for married women to be in the workforce because they wanted to be and/or because family finances needed her to be. Also the importance of a father's involvement with the children as more than a breadwinner was becoming known. my dad was always very involved in our lives as well as did household chores etc but it was back then unusual to be sure. Women were treated as maids and many were not really all that happy....they just didn't know another way of life. its how it was.
• China
25 Sep 08
i don't marry. i do the same job with my boyfriend. we are both international trading in company, in some area, i do better than him. after marriage, we go on doing the same thing, i think moman and an are equal, they should be treated equal.