i got sick for a week...

@djmarion (4900)
September 25, 2008 4:04am CST
that made me skip my work for 3 days last week i feel awful and so terribly aching. its one of the string flu i guess and it started with a severe headache and body ache that i felt like sleeping all day. i finally able to report just this week and when i did i got a lot of paper works waiting for me.lol. i still have slight couch till now. the only good thing that the flu has brought me is that i loose a bit of weight since i was not able to digest food only fluid.
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• India
26 Sep 08
Take rest dear , Come back soon on Mylotting
@sona22 (1431)
• India
25 Sep 08
Thanks that you are bit fit for work.Flu always make anyone very weak. Take lot of water.
@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
25 Sep 08
[i]HI djmarion, ohhh that is terrible but good news that you are fine now! I am sure it will be a busy week for you, maybe this time you need to eat more vegetables and fruits! I agree about loosing weight when someone is sick..LOL! That is the best diet tips since we have no appetite but for sure you will love to eat this time![/i]
@modstar (9608)
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
Take a rest in between. Drink lots of fluids and eat healthy. Exercise too to keep stress away. If you're ok with it, take multivitamins at least to help cope up with stressful activities. Losing weight by having flu is not a good idea! lol! It will make your muscles weak... i think.