Cheated once!!! woundering if it would be more??

@zulito (174)
September 25, 2008 2:20pm CST
many couples have this problem.. mostly for guys, well, happens.. many a drunk night.. a nice girl or a boy in the case of the girlfriend.. anyway at the end something happened.. now most of the honest people would tell the partner.. but then the trust get ruined and hell is over the relationship.. can u trust really again??
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@ganda8831 (816)
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
I dont think you can trust fully again after your partner cheated you. This happened to me recently. I was cheated on by my boyfriend. He got another girl pregnant. I tried so much to forgive him but i just cant. I get sick just thinking about him doing it to another girl. He wants us to be friends, but i dont think i can be friends with him again. Trust is really very important in a relationship. Once it's gone, the relationship goes with it.
@skbh12 (2950)
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
[b]hi zulito!! that is what i normally tell my boyfriend that i can learn how to trust him but i can't trust the people he is with because most of the times, people surrounding him are the ones who tells him to do something that is not really appropriate to do. right? especially he is in a relationship status as of the moment. maybe giving chances can still be done but trust? i think that will be earned by the person who has broken it. trust is not just being given to someone in just a snap of a finger. it is like you working on it very hard to grow and to fully have the same trust you want to get from the person. if you are such a forgiving person and easy for you to do something as that, then that will not be very hard for your part. happy posting and happy mylotting![/b]
@shoeb000 (321)
• India
25 Sep 08
well, if the guy of gal is submitting with his or her own... and is feelin guilty for that then its okay, but again, this will really ruined the trust, and will be always a point in small fights.
@signum (547)
• Australia
25 Sep 08
I've been cheated on twice by my ex. If my current boyfriend were to do the same thing then I would dump him in a second as I learned from my last relationship not to let it happen more than once as you can never really tell if they are going to do it again or not, even if they make a whole lot of promises.
• Poland
25 Sep 08
I had to trust few times, not only with a "new girl" , to my ex. At last he found someone "better" than me (he tries to get back to me, too late!) and it was so depressing! I thought I'll never trust again. But thee he is, someone else in my life. It's not the same person, but guys I've been with was never fully true with me. This time I trusted another person - I can do it now and I hope I won't lost it :) I'm not naive, I belive that everyone are good inside - they just don't see it.