Best character you had - Pve or Pvp

September 25, 2008 3:09pm CST
Ive been a WOW player for 6months. As for me my favorite character build is a human warrior with combination of arms and fury spec. how about you guys? come on share your character build *smile*
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@guamuser (32)
• Guam
21 Oct 08
wow. i really don't got much patience to lvl a char sometimes but other times.. it really gets to me and i focuse on one guy. hunters are the easiest to lvl since they got pets but it's no fun since you dont' get any action.. but then.. it sucks when you die alot. so anyway.. since everybody can get a mount at lvl 30.. i think it's more worth it to create a warrior. my realm.. aman'thul.. is in lack of warriors. There's too much people being hunters.. lol i heard that alliance never wins xP i didn't say it. other people did.
• Singapore
8 Oct 08
my main is a sublety rogue for pvping however my favourite char would prolly be my priest,currently lvl 61 and lvling...i would prolly go discipline/shadow for pvp in the future when she got lvl 70
1 Oct 08
I've been playing the game since it was released, oh, three years ago now. I started with a Troll Hunter on a PVP server to 60 and then to 70. I also have a Undead Priest, which is now my main that I plan to raise from 70 to 80. I pvp and pve with her as holy and I find it equally enjoyable, although I do not pvp alone. My spec remains pve balanced and I just heal that way in pvp situations. Her name is Andrexxis, on Smolderthorn. My hunter, is Senera, also on that server.