O.J. Simpson....

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September 25, 2008 5:36pm CST
When he went to trial the jury was told that this is a different case then the murder trial and to look at the facts of THIS case only. O.J. Simpson is a very hated man, do you think that the jury is going to be impartial? I don't.
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25 Sep 08
He lives in my neighborhood, and I don't know anyone who wouldn't love for him to move! A lot of his visitors are, frankly, intimidating. Kids have told us over the years that his kids are bullies, and they tend to come home when those children are out and about. At least they've grown up enough to get in their cars and go elsewhere to find friends! More than anything, it's impossible to look at the man and not remember what everyone's sure he did. That's emphasized by the fact that all his girlfriends seem to look just like Nicole! If OJ is incarcerated, the papparazzi won't get in our way when we try to go to and from home anymore, at least!