EVPs and Deceased Loved Ones

United States
September 25, 2008 7:17pm CST
This question just popped into my mind and I thought it would be a good question to ask. I assume most of us our familiar with the term EVP, or electronic voice phenomena. Basically with the aid of an electronic device such as a camera or voice recorder, you record noises or even voices that were not audibly present when we recorded. Anyway, I've been really interested in evps for some time now. I've even recorded two of my own since February around my house. But I've never picked up voices of anyone I know who have passed away. I like to think this means that fortunately they are where they are meant to be and are at peace. This brings me to my question. For those of us who have attempted recording EVPs, have you ever been able to record the voice of someone you know after they've passed on? What did they say? What did you feel like when you heard his or her voice again?
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@mistissa (1350)
• Netherlands
2 Oct 08
I have recorded the voice of my father, I was just playng around with a recorder and was having a conversation with someone. When I said, that when people die you have their memory and nice thngs to remember about them. But the one thing I am scared of that I will forget is their voice. Later I listened back to our conversation which I had recorded and clearly heard my fathers voice say Hello Lynn. I jumped and freaked and let my mum hear it and she heard it too. Apparantly my dad was listening in on my conversation and decided to let me hear him so I would not forget his voice.
• United States
2 Oct 08
That's great to hear! I'm glad your father decided to give you something to remember his voice by.