Tenacious D is under rated!

September 26, 2008 11:31am CST
I personally love tenacious D. Although their songs aren't really serious in terms of their lyrics. But if you listen carefully to their music prowess, they are awesome! Maybe some wouldn't take tenacious D seriously, and they shouldn't! If you notice the duo they are just having fun and they are literally playing with their talents. They are so talented that even though they're not hunky, in fact their chunky, but their combination is astounding. I think they are the kind of people that you wouldn't want to have a problem with, because if you do, I think you will probably be on the next Tenacious D song! What do you think of the Duo?
2 responses
• Canada
26 Sep 08
I love them, my favourite bands are the ones that make ridiculous songs. Seriousness is so overplayed. o:
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
Yes you're absolutely right! I think in this world, we had enough of serious stuffs and sometimes we need to take a break with the serious stuffs. I think Tenacious D is an "auteur" they will become a legend sooner or later.
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
i totally agree, they aren't just actors, they are musicians, they know music very well. they know whaT sounds good and what sounds like sh*t, for example, listen to wonderboy, tribute, and lets get it on