To Speak or not to speak? That is the question!

@mom4kids (658)
September 26, 2008 1:05pm CST
Ok so my sister is having serious money problems. Her and her live in boyfriend both work. They have 2 kids ages 4 and 1 and also have custody of my 14 year old nephew. They are having serious money problems because in my opinion they are living far beyond their means. They have a $40,000 truck, with monthly payments, gas and insurance it works out to 1,100 a month. My sisters whole paycheck pays for that. She would love to be able to stay home with the kids but has to work so they can pay for the truck. Her and her boyfriend try to work opposite shifts to cut down on childcare. Recently the government stopped paying them child tax benefit because the government had made a mistake and was paying them too much so now they are withholding payments until they have the money that was paid to my sister that should not have been. Some crazy amount like $5000. Needless to say they counted on this extra money. I think around $500. Since that money was taken away they have paid for their truck so they can keep working and they have paid their rent and gotten food. All the other bills have not been paid. She told me last time I talked to her they try not to use the truck, which too of course is expensive on gas, and even have had to call for a ride because they don't have money for gas. The dumb thing to is they have a car that is paid off that they have uninsured. They had it when they bought their truck. I understand that the truck is roomier for their family but they were already scrimping by when they got their truck. I don't know why they had to get such an expensive vehicle. Anyhow they also had the bright idea of buying this $3000 tv last christmas. Payments of $300 a month paying for 3 years. My husband and I were looking at tv's when they bought there's and you could buy them for way less than that, about half that but they had to get it on payments because they couldn't afford to just buy one. Well turns out they can't afford this $3000 one either because they haven't paid on it in 2 or 3 months. My sister is just miserable in her life. They are drowning. And to me the answer is so simply. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE! Get rid of the truck. Take the tv back. Drive your car you actually own! So my husband thinks I should say something. What do you think? I never do, I can't believe she is being so dumb about money. She used to be really smart with her money but now that she has a family she just isn't. If they ever get extra money they have to spend it on stuff they really don't need and this lack of money has happened to them before so I don't know why they wouldn't put extra money away just in case. So has anybody else had a situation like this where you don't know if you should say something or not?
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@checapricorn (16049)
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26 Sep 08
[i]Hi mom4kids, That is very hard..But, for me they are the one who makes their life more complicated! I am sure she needs you to tell her and made her realize that she can do something before it's too late, I wish one of them has the same thinking as yours but unfortunately, the two of them is like enjoying whatever they have in a day or two and suffer the rest of the day! IF she is my Sister, I will talk to her and make sure she understand my point...I do know if how open-minded she is but maybe deep inside she is also feeling to have some changes but just need someone to pull her out from where she is and made her realize to make a change![/i]