DoTA, does anyone play that game?

September 26, 2008 1:14pm CST
Its a famous game in warcraft. Some of my friends introduce it to me, well i like malee heros, but quite weak with it. Any tips? i need tips especially with inteligence hero, i'm totally lost and don't know what to buy at all
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• Philippines
16 Feb 09
Dota is famous here in the Philippines. You can always see this game in every corner of a computer shop / rentals. Everybody love this game. Hmm, I see that you want tips for intelligence heroes. Intelligence heroes are considered also as ganker , support for the killer ally hero and a warder. Yup you can Kill steal if you want. But in cases of high level games you must need to boost the progress of the killer ally hero. You must focus on supporting them by means of ganking and planting observer wards. But some INT heroes like tinker need to have fast gold for BOT rush.
@Jenaisle (3827)
• Philippines
2 Jan 09
That's a game most teens play these days. No more word games are advisable to play, because it is rewarding, you could learn and enjoy at the same time. Like bookworm, boggle , scrabble and many more, These are online games too. happy new year.