Plastic Bags or paper ?

September 26, 2008 4:35pm CST
[i] Do you really think banning them in many places, really made a difference? In my opinion they can never replace paper bags. They were one of the most convenient containers we had available with us. Besides there are ways too nowadays, of recycling them easily. So my vote goes to plastic bags. [/i] What do you say?
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• United States
27 Sep 08
get rid of all bags and make everyone make many trips to gets everything to their cars with their own two hands, this in my opinion will make it a healthier nation! So in this respect you will burn calories to get your favorite snacks and candies to the car and do not get that guilty feeling as much when you are sitting in front of the computer eating s whole bag of choclate mylotting. Like me
@waiz86 (49)
• India
27 Sep 08
Plastic bags are nice convenient attractive and easy to produce. One more advantage is that we don't have to cut down trees :). But plastic can destroy the earth! Yes, plastic is non-biodegradable and the trash that is dug up and buried can get degraded by the micro-organisms in the earth but plastic can not. It stays there and slowly starts releasing its toxic effects into the surroundings, killing trees, plants, crop and ultimately our lives. Paper bags are produced on the cost of many trees, agreed! but they are easy to recycle unlike plastic and are 100% biodegradable. Everyone of us has to take part in recycling, otherwise this planet will die out soon. We should take our efforts if others donot, because even we own this planet.
@sandra966 (269)
• Spain
26 Sep 08
I've never used a paper bag for normal grocery shopping, so can't actually comment on which I prefer - here though the only alternative is those heavy duty bags - 'bags for life'. Although in the UK, they are now trying hard to discourage plastic bag use, I don't think they will ever manage it totally. I realise that a lot of rubbish found in the sea and on land, contains plastic bags, but I think the answer is firstly that they are always biodegradable, and that we are aware that we must dispose of them correctly - in recycling bins.
@bdugas (3580)
• United States
26 Sep 08
I like plastic bags best, after I get done carrying the groceries in. I use them in the small trash cans for a liner. They are a lot cheaper than buying additional bags for the little trash cans. They have handles so they make it a lot earsier to carry and most of the time they are not loaded to the point a paper bag is, they like to fill them to the top, and so they don't break as often.