Laskar Pelangi is on Screen!!

@Mirsya (520)
September 27, 2008 1:37am CST
The movie version of a great book by Andrea Hirata is on Theater by now. Have you guys watched it? Which one's better, the book or the movie version?
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@masata (408)
• Indonesia
15 Mar 09
The story is great but the way he wrote the novel, the plot etc is sometimes confusing. I have no chance to watch this movie because when it was launched I am not in Indonesia. I am still waiting for the original DVD to come out in the market. Honestly, I don't want to buy the illegal copy of the DVD but I will have no choice if the original DVD is not out in the market.
@armrd829 (74)
• Singapore
29 Nov 08
I have neither read nor watched the movie! Is it still being played in theater in Indonesia? I'd love to catch the show when I'm back. I have only watched the trailer online. And I think that the story is a good reminder to us who can afford to go to school, or have good access to education, that we should be more grateful and not forget that there are many people who, in this era, still do not have the money or the access to have proper education. Thanks for bringing up this discussion.
@alitws (6)
• Indonesia
3 Nov 08
the film is so cool, very inspiring.....@
• Indonesia
2 Nov 08
uhhuh..ive watched it lol with all of my families lol. but i didnt read the book, coz im not really a reader i cant stand reading a thick book loool. there's a goodness inside that movie, a spirit to keep on study and acknowledge ourself whether if we live in a poor life and to have a dream to make it come true. n for those who live in wealthy live, shud be more respect to others who live in poverty but still wanting to study at school. have a great sunday my Indo mates lol..
@meizyty (191)
• Indonesia
15 Oct 08
I had read Laskar Pelangi Book...but I have not watched Laskar Pelangi the movie because since I have a baby I cannot go to the movie. I just wait Laskar Pelangi on DVD version.
@marzoeki (138)
• Indonesia
8 Oct 08
this movie was great,, i feel so satisfied with riri riza works,, nice movie!! andrea hirata also a great writer,, this story make us to respect an education,, respect our teacher,, although our teacher not a rich person,, but he/she have a rich of goodness,, are hero with no sign..(tanpa tanda jasa)..wkwkwkw
• Indonesia
29 Sep 08
I not watch the movie yet, but i think it better when we read the book. O yeah i also watch when they make this movie in Belitung :D