There is a message from your dream, it maybe good or bad. I will translate it.

September 27, 2008 4:05am CST
I will translate your dreams. Just send to me what you have dreames last night or the morning before you wake up. I think you got some dream to narrate. I will translate your dream to its meaning, wither bad or good, but this is a precaution that you have to decide what is up to your future. My translations to your dream, means that we still believe in one God. He is the only salvation, that I only guide what you do.
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@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
27 Sep 08
I don't dream that much :D I mean I think I dream, but mostly I don't remember it.. The only thing that keeps coming back, is that I am in an empty box.. Just all white around me, and I am hovering inside it.. Suddenly a girl appears, and then I wake up.. Have a nice day..
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• Philippines
29 Sep 08
Dear friend, Thank you for the response. You see white surroundings in your dream inside the box, then appears a girl. Your dream means that you have a good karma coming with in this week, but you did not tell if you know the girl or just plain girl that appears. If you know the girl, that means that you would missed of seeing her for many days, but still you can meet her. When you say that the girl is not known to you, this means that, you will be married when you are matured enough. I wish you have good luck today.