Have you ever been to Kolkata - the city of joy?

September 27, 2008 1:44pm CST
Kolkata was the first city where the British first landed and what followed for the next 200 years is known to everyone. And since the city was visited by The East India Company and it high profile Mangers, it has been growing in every respect and has been prospering in every element of Culture. And today it stands out head and shoulder among the most beautiful cities of Asia. But for various reasons the State Government keeps a very low profile and is not able to attract Foreigh Tourists as much as other Cities. I can only suggest to my friends and through this discussion to vist kolkata and see for yourself - you will see the Begali fervour during the first fortnight of October. This is the time for he bigest festival and celebration - the Duga pooja. Warm Regards and wishes for a happy Indian holiday.
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