How do you promote them???

@redkathy (3375)
United States
September 27, 2008 4:49pm CST
There are what seems to be a billion PTC sites. Neobux, crewbux, thinkbux, netcashbux, wordlinx, worldlinx, buxout, buxon, whatever bux you can think of there is a PTC with that name. Any everyone seems to already be a member. So where does that leave you for getting referrals??? Well, common sense says raise and interest so new people will become clickers, right? Promotion by clickers of the legitimate and scam sites is the answer, right. But how?? I'm trying out a system that's "new to me" called Juggernaut. It's a member promo system that uses text ads, links, and email. It's kinda like text ad exchanges with lots of bells and whistles! Best of all, it's free. Really you can promote any website, blog, whatever links you want to promote. Now for the questions... Anyone using this type of promotion? Please share your tips. If not, how do you promote your PTC memberships? Your web site? your blog?
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