Enlightenment..Awakening the unconscious human mind..

@jrdnron (129)
September 28, 2008 2:16am CST
i started this discussion mainly because of the three books i read recently. They opened my mind and made see the world in a different but brighter light. I feel so much free now..life itself gives me pure bliss..i love the contentment it gave me..the hope, the peace, the joy, the abundance, the prosperity, the satisfaction.. i believe human beings are in constatnt search for happiness and im pretty sure you are too! if you want to know what im talking about you should read the books that i read..here they are: The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho The Secret by Rhonda Byrne A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle it all started when i saw oprah introduce the book a new earth on her show. i wanted to read the book so much but i couldnt afford it. Fortunately my aunt who works as a radiologist in Kansas was going to visit us here in Cebu, Philippines so i emailed her immediately and requested a copy of the book..to my dismay she replied she couldnt possibly buy another book because if she add one more item on her luggage the airport/airline will charge additional fees..i just said ok just let it be but i couldnt let go of the thought of having the book..when my aunt finally arrived she surprised me the book "a new earth" i was so jubilant! it was the best graduation (march 2008) gift ever! after the graduation i took the local licensure exam for nurses (june 2008)..after i took the test i decided to wait for the results in my home town in Samar. While in Samar i was praying constantly for me to pass the exam and become a bonafide nurse finally..on mid-july i accidentally came upon a 20-min. video on youtube about the book/movie "the secret"..i instantly applied what it taught me in the hope of passing the exam..i did it for days until finally the news came that i actually passed the exam!.. somehow the things that the two books taught me got out of my system..i was now thinking of them less..then one day when i went back to Cebu i saw a book my cousin bought called "the alchemist" i read it and ironically it talks about the same thing with the previous books i read (a new earth and the secret)...i believe it was not a coincidence...life itself is actually telling me not to go astray again..i am now reviewing for the nurses' licensure in the US (NCLEX). im confident im going to pass this one because i am more enlightened than i used to be... how about you? whats your story? how did you awaken? how did the the laws of the universe help you with your life?
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@mythociate (17022)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
20 Oct 12
I think I have a more-realistic view ... not the 'good stuff happens when I apply the techniques of a guru'-view, but more 'good things & bad things happen all the time ... all I can do is discourage the bad things and do the good things unto others as I would have them done unto me.'