I didn't like Muslims............

September 28, 2008 5:03am CST
I didn't like muslims because they eats meat and eggs and all that.I just hate them.
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@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
28 Sep 08
I think it is sad that you hate just because of those silly reasons.. It makes you almost a racist.. Have a nice day anyway..
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@piya84 (2590)
• India
18 Dec 08
lol i am hindu and i am vegetarian also...n i have good no of frends from almost all religious bakground n all are non vegiterian..cmmon u cant hate them just for eating different kinda food man
@tutul0045 (2630)
• India
9 Nov 08
LoL iam a hindu and i eat meat, eggs and fishes. If thats the criteria you choose then u wont like many in this living world.
@Harley009 (1420)
• India
5 Oct 08
Muslims eat allowed Meats, eggs, fishes, etc. Many Hindus eat Chicken, Mutton, fish, egg, etc. Some Hindus eat beef, veal etc. Christians eat all those meats as well. Some people eat only pure vegetarian items, but drink milk from cow! Continue hating them....
@corngrass (727)
• Malaysia
28 Sep 08
So, you are a vegetarian? Hopefully you can learn to tolerate other religion someday. Have a nice day.