How much you're planning to make this month ?

September 28, 2008 6:58am CST
Hi . All of us are on progress but how you're planning to make money online this month ? What's your target ? My target is if I'll see the money on my Paypal account then I'll work harder .
3 responses
@wangkai (798)
• China
28 Sep 08
you should work hard .we all should worked you think so?
• Poland
28 Sep 08
Okay ! some of us don't know where to go ? which website the really pays ?
@mysdianait (65079)
• Italy
28 Sep 08
If you are new at trying to earn on line watch here on MyLot for many suggestions, some of which are useful. In the meantime keep participating here and you will soon rech your first online payout as MyLot is trusted!
@zulito (174)
• Germany
28 Sep 08
relative.. but i hope a lot!!
@shell94 (990)
• Canada
28 Sep 08
No set target here yet. I will wait and see what I get in paypal and go from there. I would like to make a decent amount as I have lots of uses for the money. Like a new laptop so I so not have to fight with my daughter for the computer all the time...