much do you like the song "master of puppets"..can you play it??

September 28, 2008 9:39am CST
how much do you like that song "master of puppets" i like that song..hehe..kinda rocking my head..hehe.. what's your favorite song in metallica's album???hmm..why do you like it so much???
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@ruellm (145)
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
I like master of puppets because of its fast riff, cool dual guitar solo and fast guitar solo by Kirk and oh the lyrics also.
2 Nov 08
hmm..i like the intro of the master of puppet..heehee..and also the power chords..and the distortion effect..
@shyamlal (3533)
• India
19 Oct 08
Well its a great song...I really love this one.
2 Nov 08
me too..
• Malaysia
16 Oct 08
"Master of Puppets' is truly a gem. A classic on heavy thrash metal genre. Almost all the song inthis album is great including the instrumental. I like the main title song itself. It's truly amazing and never get tired of hearing it over and over again.
28 Oct 08
ah ok..heavy metal
@raxerdis (132)
6 Oct 08
Master of puppets is good but fade to black is my favourite. there is everything in just perfect!
10 Oct 08
yeah..fade to black is slow rock..hehe..i like that also..
@SeishiroX (1093)
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
Master of Puppets is an unforgettable song, IMO. The arrangement was beautiful. There's always noise from a heavy metal band, but Metallica has arranged it so well that it sounds smooth. I loved the rhythm guitar parts.