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United States
September 28, 2008 10:03am CST
Yes, it's my Anniversary! 17 years and I feel very joyful, looking forward for many, many more. Grateful for my life and the man who is walking along me! How many of you fellows have had 17 Anniversaries? How you feel? Any advise on How to keeping the Flame burning? Thanks in advance to all that take the time to respond, today I won't be able to get in touch, since for obvious reasons I'll be offline! Tomorrow for sure you will hear from me.
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28 Sep 08
Awww not done as many as that here,but all the luck in the world to you there.and good on you,I have done a few years though and I feel good,its not been too hard,its not been easy,but we have managed to overcome the rough patches,and have done it on our own,I hate to include anyone else in our fights lol ,so go and enjoy your special day,have a good time with yur hubby and a happy day to you.
@eztuner (451)
• United States
29 Sep 08
Thank you so much for your good wishes, I believe you are in the right track to have a Real Long and Happy marriage! Your appreciations are so down to earth and at the same time caring that I Truly believe there will be no circumstance good or bad that you and your husband will not conquer with Love and intelligence! I wish you the best! Thank you for your time.