Is there any species like human beyond our earth??

September 28, 2008 10:55am CST
I often wonder whether there is any species like human beyond the earth?Nasa is lunching a new mission called Keplar Mission to find out it.I am eagarly waiting to know the result of it.friend,What do you think -Is there any species like human beyond our earth??
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@shanemre (357)
• Saudi Arabia
29 Sep 08
sometimes I am thinking also... there is this great possibility... we can never tell... there may be other species and they too are thinking if someone like us exist... and to them, we are the other species...
@mandykaren (2040)
29 Sep 08
yes i believe there is beyond our galaxy.. We can not be the only living planet, when you consider space is endless... It is something i am totally fascinated with also.. Find it quite funny how many seem to imagine that other life form is decribed as little green men with antennas out of head hehe. There has to be ohters, maybe less advanced or more advanced..
@jands1 (835)
• United States
28 Sep 08
Putting personal opinions, religious beliefs, etc., aside, mathematically speaking, it is highly probable that there are other species that are humanoid in appearance. This takes into accounting the fact that we, here on earth, can only "see" our own galaxy, etc.