Life is Hard.....

@Jean25 (344)
September 28, 2008 12:58pm CST
How hard can it be???share your experience???
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• United States
28 Sep 08
Life sux for the most part. its great when your a kid and when you in your teens and 20's but as things change in life and times get harder life gets harder...gas prices rise, food prices rise, the world falls apart and were still made to focus on life and make the best we can of it. i enjoyed life when i was single and had my son but didnt have a man hanging around continually. life was great when i dated when i wanted did what i wanted and my son and i had our own adventure. then when i tried to settle down with a man it turns out to be abusive mentally emotionally and physically then how do you get away from it? how do you handle it i had never before been thru a relationship like that the threats and abuse that should never occur. We all learn from our mistakes but sometimes we just never learn i guess. i have been in this crappy situation for two years my son lives with my parents cause we were forced to live out of our van for 5 months, im now 8 months pregnant and were staying with a couple of my friends but its still hard i dont have my own space i dont have my son by my side its rediculous. the man i love supposibly loves me but treats me like garbage. he doesnt work only i work i cant make it alone not with another child on the way and supporting him too and then trying to create my own space so i can get my son back with me and be happy again......will i ever be happy again........NO PROBABLY NOT not till i come to realization and get away from this man whom made me loose darn there everything i ever had and regain my self confidence and self reliability to support my son and my new child and myself alone providing us with everything we need.