on the Job Market

@mookhor (304)
September 28, 2008 9:54pm CST
We have been living in a time when job market is tremendously restless. A good number of us and others whom we do know have been or are in the supply line. Anyone of us can note undesirable disappointment in their countenances.And again, it is a feature that a good number of us are hunting in the internet so that we can earn a few dollars. The state of the job market is really gloomy. You can observe it by the fact that temporary jobs have outnumbered the permanent ones. The industries and services sectors are not sure of the expected amount of profit. Voice of the warring workers and employees has been marked to be feebler day by day.We have been living with our injured dreams and wounded happiness. Here I do like to know how long we shall live like this and I like to know if there is anyone who can formulate something so that we may be released from such unbearable trap. The rate of unemployment is very high in reality. The real state of the fact in respect of unemployment in different countries are being distorted and fabricated by the persons in power and they are including the part-time and under employment as full employment to deceive us.Do you know what steps may be taken to change the sorry spectacle of the present job market ?
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@lak2jai (807)
• India
29 Sep 08
U R very true. But in many ways our recruitment system is going bad. One sector I want to highlight. In banking sector in one place banks are conducting exams and taking the persons for job and another place most of the banks are telling they are not getting any persons to join. In one of the banks recentely they appointed 32 persons for clerical jobs in one state but only one person joined. on enquiry it is found that nowdays banks are conducting tests separately for jobs not as like before where BSRB was conducting the tests. Due to which the persons 31 persons got selected got seleted in anothe 15 or more banks. Hence they select the bank they want. In effect, it is a loss to the bank and loss the unemloyed youths who could not get jobs. Recently SBI has called for clerical job for 20000 vacancies and the persons have writted the exams is in millions. Does it not mean that there is lot of unemployment. Any how government or IBA has to do something to solve this problem otherwise the same will persist