@alankor (479)
September 28, 2008 11:00pm CST
Do you prepare your own meals or do u eat what others have prepare for you eg ur mum etc? Personally I like to eat my own meals as I can control the amount of calories i consume so i wont grow fat.also it is nice to eat the meals that are prepared by your own hands. makes you feel like a real chef.wad about u?
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@snpyvin (1518)
• Malaysia
30 Sep 08
My dad use to prepare meals for me when i am still kids. Nowadays i try my best to prepare my own rather then still spoon feed. I feel satisfied when i eat the meal i prepare makes me happy when it taste nice.
@alankor (479)
• Singapore
30 Sep 08
thats right! eating the meal that u prepare urself always makes u happy. it is like a heart-warming sensation u get when u put the first spoon of food in ur mouth. happy eating!