To play or not to play hacked roms

September 29, 2008 1:47am CST
Many hacked roms are n0w being s0ld in the market such as pokemon narnia, shiney gold, chaos black and other roms which are actually hacked from the original fire red, leaf green, emerald, ruby and saphire. Do you think playing those hacked roms w0rth it? The rare 0nes are very easy t0 catch you can even buy rare candies in other hacked roms.
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• Philippines
15 Nov 08
No, even though most of the rare pokemon can be found easily in those games, it's still illegal to play them because they're hacked. A friend of mine back then became a victim of the said ROMs. He doesn't know anything about pokemon then, and a Pokemon Perla- I repeat, Pokemon Perla (not Pearl)- was offered to him for a price. Of course, he, not knowing what to do, bought it. Then, he showed it to me the time he bought it and I was surprised to know that there were many legendary pokemon in the said game, just at the start of the game. Heck, he found a Sneasel, and when he leveled it up, it evolved to a Zangoose! Those ROMs must be terminated and the buyers must not buy them, since they're illegal.
@ZaintS (1)
30 Sep 08
Well, don't know if these hacked roms even work... This is actually the risk you have to take, when you buy a hacked rom. On the second hand, if you are starting to think if buying hacked roms is a good or a bad thing, then you should use your common sense. My opinion is that you should NOT buy hacked roms. Yes, they are cheap, but buying hacked rom actually leaves the original developer out of money and therefore they can't make games better. Good luck