I danced last night?!

September 29, 2008 5:37am CST
I danced yesterday. It's not a big thing, but to me, it surely is. I like singing but don't feel like dancing, I don't know why. I have never danced for almost eight years. Every time they invited me, I would say sorry, which always worked. But Last night, I should danced and almost a whole night! I thought I was crazy! When a man stretched out his hand(s) to invite me, I felt a little surprised and politely refused, saying I didn't know how to dance. He, of course, didn't believe me, but just pulled me out of the seat to teach me. I felt embarrassed. Before I could say a word, we danced to the music. Oh, dear, what's going on with me? I hate dancing.
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@Evixfel (86)
• Singapore
29 Sep 08
u kinda dun socialise much... relax and have fun =) happy mylotting!
• China
29 Sep 08
I think different contry has different customs. In my country, it's normal. we were taught to be a gentlewoman when we were young. And parents don't like children to go out early and come back late. They want their children to study and work hard and live safely and healthily. We seldom to have parties here. Most of my colleagues think I'm talkative, but to tell the truth, I'm so tired of doings. I would rather to be alone if I was invited to the party for some purposes.