how organize is your closet?

September 29, 2008 8:25am CST
as much as i wanted to, i really wanted to have an organized closet. it seems that i always disarranged the pile when im in a hurry! how about you?
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@bowtieguy (5924)
• United States
30 Sep 08
Everything in my closet is color cordinated and arranged from most casual to most dress, all of my shoes are arranged the same way on a shelf on the floor.
@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
29 Sep 08
I hate it when things are in disarray that's why I make it a point to keep my things organize. I am keeping my clothes according to what are the shirts, shorts, and pants and even arrange them by colors. This way, it is lot easier for me to find the dress that I want to wear.
@koalatbs (2230)
• United States
29 Sep 08
Well darlenelove... my closet currently is a big huge mess! We moved into a new apartment because we moved from California back to Virginia. I really love everything about my new place except the closet space in the master bedroom! It is sooo small! I hate it with a passion. My husband & I have to share the stupid little thing and it is getting to be a pain in the butt! I haven't even unpacked my winter clothes yet because there is nowhere to put them at this time. We are hoping to buy a wardrobe sooner or later but we need to wait a little while until we have more money to spend on new furniture. We are in need of quite a few things furniture wise because we had to sell and/or give a lot of it away to Goodwill before we moved out here. That's one way to clean house... move! LoL! We also need a couple more dressers too. My son also needs another one. We need bookcases and lamps and new pots & pans! Ugh! We need more money is what we need! LoL! The last place we lived we had adequate closet space. My husband had one closet & I had another. The only thing we were lacking at the old apartment was space to put linens & things. We are missing that here too. But, hopefully in the next couple of years we will be able to buy a house and then we can be more picky & choosy so that we can find one with adequate everything spaces! LoL
@BunGirl (2639)
• United States
29 Sep 08
Well, when we first moved into this house, I organized my closet meticulously. Everything was very neat and orderly and I could find absolutely everything easily. Of course, that was three years ago... Now it's just a big mess. I guess it's time to clean it out and start over, but that's such a big chore!