Is Internet good for children of age 10????

September 29, 2008 9:12am CST
Hello friends...............Somedays before there was a debate between my friend and my teacher.....They both were arguing over the topic that whether internet is good for childrens or not....there was a big debate between both of them...and they both were correct in their was saying that use of internet by small children are good because through internet they come to know more about this world..they gain more knowledge...only the knowledge that they get from school is not sufficient for them...In the world of competitions it becomes necessary that one should have knowledge about everything...And not only they gain knowledge they enjoy it also..there are lotsa fun for children on net..But on the other hand one was completely against it...He was saying its not the right time for children to get involve in all this...Its the age of fun..They should take more interest in outdoors games instead of doin net..It vil keep their body fit..And there are lots of things offer by some sites which they shouldnot know at least in this short age...I have heard both of them but I cant conclude anything....Wat do u think????? Is Internet good for childrens of age 10 or under 10??????????????????????????
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• Philippines
29 Sep 08
the internet brings both good and bad things to a child. he might become lazy and addicted to video games like what happened to me years ago when i was younger. it helps to because it's really useful in projects and assignments. i guess it's all up to the parents. they should make sure their child doesn't spend too much time using the computer or they could also use it to reward or punish their child which i thinks helps the child become motivated.