The customer is always right??? what!!!

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September 29, 2008 2:14pm CST
speaking from experience.i was with this company for 2-3 years. made mistakes of course but wholeheartedly tried to correct them as quickly and friendly as possible without conflict or attitude from the customer or myself. but it just gets frustrating when you don't have back-up from a store owner who is hardly there to help you or anyone else there who works for her. i love customers,i do cause i woulden't be getting a paycheck if ya'll didn't come in and purchase from our store. anyways would it hurt to be nice to someone who is providing you with a service especially if you see that their being nice and helpful?? i'm not complaining but i seen a few employees who were overly nice to the customer when they were being a a-hole.i also seen customers be too nice when they know the employee was wrong... Anyways gettin to the point already. Does the saying "the customer is always right" correct??? post your thoughts
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@redhotpogo (4433)
• United States
27 Oct 08
no. the customer is not always right. That kind of thought is a really bad business model, and will get you into trouble fast. its good to try to give the customer what they want, but to say "the customer is always right" too far. Sometimes you need to put down your foot, and say no. or you're going to lose alot of money. everyone should be treated equal no matter where they are. doesn't matter if you're out shopping. don't bring your attitude, and don't look down on people. be honest with people. polite, nice, but honest they like that way better. then they know you are sincere in what you say, and not just trying to kiss their butt to make a sale.