what's your first time to read this novel 'jane eyre'?

@ml4box (336)
September 29, 2008 10:13pm CST
jane eyre is so famous all over the world that it has been translated to ton of different languages in different countries. as a chinese, i still remember the first time reading this novel when i was a middle school student on library. the most surprised thing to me is that neither the hero nor the heroine is good looking as other novels at that time. do you still remember the time you firstly read this novel?
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@dudu2008 (43)
• China
4 Nov 08
The first time I read Jane Eyre was in my middle school,and I have read it for many times.Jane Eyre is a fairy tale,she let me know,have an independent personality and can be self-esteem,self-love,self-reliance,self-confident women,even a grass aslo has its own pride,will find their own eternal spring.All of the girls can believe it,and one day we will find the other half of ourself.
@ml4box (336)
• China
5 Feb 09
maybe we can not be princess but there're still jane to let us know we can be brave and self-confident. thanks for reponse n have a nice day!
@NonaSaile (924)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
The first time I read Jane Eyre was when I was a young teen-ager. I loved the story so much I got my own copy, and I never tired of re-reading it. The story did say Mr. Rochester did not have a handsome face, but I always imagined him to be handsome in physique. I still believe Jane must have been pretty - the story was unfolding from Jane's point of view, and her character did not include a single bit of vanity in her. And anyway, outward beauty is not the point of the story - it involves deeper values, principles and convictions that were in keeping with the author's times.
@ml4box (336)
• China
5 Feb 09
absolutely right. That's why i like the book but hate the adapt movies. they never touch the soul of this novel even on the images. thanks for sharing n happy mylotting!
@redchase (347)
30 Sep 08
i remember reading this novel in high school and just absolutely hating her. she's in love with rochester but she refuses to be with him. god! and then she's all haunted and everything when she finds out about his crazy wife and he goes blind and then they live happily ever after. i hated her so much. it was almost the worst book i've ever read.
@ml4box (336)
• China
1 Oct 08
to be frank, it's the first time to hear such a comment about jane. don't you think rochester did something wrong and cheated her before the wedding? in general, they are equal and both do something to hurt each other as a normal person. that's why this novel is so great and lasts for long. happy mylotting!
@marguicha (159842)
• Chile
22 Jun 12
I read Jane Eyre for the first time when I was about 9 years old. I immediatly fell in love with Mr. Rochester. Now I think that my parents should not have given me that book to read at such a young age. There are lots of things that are not for children such as the way Jane was treated at school and even the twisted relation she had with Edward Rochester. It is interesting though that fairy tales are not much better either. It seems that we read more complex books when we are small that later on.
@anna728 (1499)
• United States
3 Aug 09
I read Jane Eyre for my junior year English class in high school when I was 16. We had an assignment where we each to pick a novel from a given list and do an independent novel study paper on it. I picked "Jane Eyre" because I knew my mom had a copy of it so it was convenient to do. We had almost the whole semester to do it. I liked it, even though I wasn't expecting to (we often had to read really stupid things in English class). I also saw a movie version of it PBS once that I liked.
@soulist (2985)
• United States
13 Mar 09
I first read Jane Eyre when I was a junior in high school. We had to read different novels and do indepth book reports on them, and I loved this novel that I read it again my senior year and many times over the course of the years since then. I won't be surprise that it would be the most read book in my collection one day. I love to re-read books a lot.